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Chuandong Hound price

chuandong hound male and female

Rarer than Chinese PandasThe number of Chuandong Hounds in China has reached a maximum of 300 specimens.

So adopting a Chuandong Hound is not for everyone.


In Europe and the rest of the world, there are fewer than 100.

We have imported the first authentic subjects from China to Europe in 2019.

When we talk about the price of a Chuandong Hound, we are talking about an AUTHENTIC Chuandong Hound.

We are not talking about a dog crossed with a chongqing dog or anything else.

A sharp eye will be able to recognise them at first glance, by analysing the muzzle, the wrinkles on the forehead and also the colour, which should be RED ONLY.

All subjects wearing black, or red AND black, are hybrids.

What is the price of a Chuandong Hound, registered at the CKU in China?

In China, the price of a chuandong hound is very high.

For a lower qualitywith major defects, the price varies between 2500 and 4000 EUR.

For a average qualityWith minor faults, the rate is starting at EUR 5,500 and quickly rising to EUR 9,000.

For a excellent qualityUnfortunately, you won't be able to get any. The Chinese don't sell them to foreigners.

Offer them $40,000 for a top-quality dog, and they'll turn you down.

Don't forget to add the cost of transport, maintenance and administration to the purchase price.

In 2019, it cost €1,500 to transport a dog, excluding ancillary costs.

From 2021, the The cost of transport has risen to €3,000 per dog.

To sum up the total cost (dog + travel) in China :

Low quality, 6000 Eur. approx.

Average quality, 10,000 Eur. on average.

Excellent quality: for Chinese only.


How much does a Chuandong Hound cost in Europe and the rest of the world?

Visit In Europe and the rest of the world, you can adopt a Chuandong Hound for company only.

The price of a puppy for company, is worth between 2000 and 4000 eurfor a quality ranging from medium to high.

However, the cost of transport which varies from €650 to €2,000, depending on the destination and type of transport chosen.





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