Protecting and preserving the Chinese dog breed

The Chuandong Hound standard

The Chuandong Hound standard established by the CKU

Chuandong hound COK9 - The Chuandong Hound Standard

Above, the most successful Chuandong Hound in Europe. His name is Bock, and he belongs to the COK9 kennel in Portugal. This photo is used on other websites, even though he is one of our breeding dogs.

General aspect

Intelligent, fearless and agile, with an exceptional sense of smell.
It has a hard, short coat, which enables it to cross the bush while hunting.
These medium-sized dogs are fearless. Muscles are well developed and its anatomical structure is suitable for activities.
Fearless and active with excellent jumping and biting ability.

Important proportions

- The dog has a rectangular outline.
- The length of the skull is equivalent to the length of the muzzle, divided by the stop, as equitably as possible.
- Height at the elbow about half the height at the withers.


- Good length, powerful without coarse, well developed cheeks, finer in bitches.
- Flat skull between the ears.
- Slight, fine, loose wrinkles without excess on the forehead.
- Clearly defined but moderate stop.

Facial region

- Noze with large nostrils, only black
- wide muzzle from root to tip, not snipey. There may be a black mask to the puppies but the colour will disappear with age.
- Tight lips with good pigmentation.
- Tongue, gums, wings and roof of mouth are bluish black. Spotted pink tongue is permissible.
- Strong jaw with a scissor bite and perpendicular to the jaw.Dark brown or hazel eyes, fairly large, almond shaped.
- The ears are set on the sides of the skull. Medium size, triangular, tilted forward and firmly pricked.


- High, straight topline
- Strong, broad loins.
-The depth of the chest is half the height at the withers. The point of the chest (forechest) is well developed.
- The hairless tail is high and rises in full action, moderately long, rounded at the base and tapering very finely. Shoulders well laid back, not loaded.
- Elbows firm and straight, neither tucked in nor out.
- Straight forelegs set under the dog, of good substance and rounded in the bone, without narrowing.
- Metacarpus short and slightly sloping.
- Fore and hind feet tight and firm. Well knelt and well padded.
- The hock is firm, well let down and parallel.


- Very short and stiff, or even non-existent on certain parts of the body.

Size at withers

– Male : 17.71"-19.68" (45-50cm)
– Female : 15.74" - 17.71" (40-45cm)

Disqualifying points

- Totally pink tongue.
- Aggressive or too timid.
- Dog clearly showing physical or behavioural abnormalities.

Now you know the points that define the standard of the Chuandong Hound. This clarification will help you to know that when you see an adult Chuandong hound with black (entirely or only a few traces), it is not authentic.