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Chuandong Hound FAQs

Why a Chuandong Hound FAQ?


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Are your dogs hybrids?


A Chuandong Hound must be purebred. We do not accept any crossbreeding.

The DNA tests were carried out by the Embark laboratory in the United States.

Is there a pedigree?


All our puppies have a pedigree which is issued by the CKU, only after blood analysis.

Are they easy to educate?


As a general rule, it is advisable to have a good grounding in dog training.

They're highly intelligent, love to learn and love to please.

Regular training is necessary from an early age.


The Chuandong Hound is a primitive, territorial dog.

He can adapt well to other dogs if he is given the right training from an early age. No problem with dogs of the opposite sex.

As a family and with children, they bond very quickly and love to play.

With strangers in the family home, they're not going to make friends quickly, they'll know to warn you if someone's lurking around your house.

Our puppies are neurologically stimulated from an early age and are socialised on a daily basis.

Confronted with the outside world, they also live with cats and 3 other breeds of dog.

Are those naked dogs?


They have a short, hard coat with no undercoat. The hair is sparse on the underside of the belly and on the inside of the legs and tail.

The advantage is that they don't shed, which is great for home hygiene, dog maintenance and for people who are allergic to dog hair.

They are naturally hypoallergenic.

Do they have skin problems?


Their skin remains supple and healthy thanks to the natural oil produced.

In hot weather, a little moisturiser will prevent the skin from drying.

Known health problems


The Chuandong Hound has an iron constitution. They are very robust.

No congenital diseases have been recorded.

It seems that a procidence of the nictitating membrane (white skin that covers the eye) has appeared on certain dogs in China.

None of our subjects has encountered this problem, or we will exclude them from reproduction.

Are they big dogs?


They are medium-sized, up to 50 centimetres high, with an average adult weight of 20-25 kilos.

FCI recognition

Recognition of the chuandong hound by the FCI.

The Chuandong hound is registered with the FCI in group 11 in the following countries:

  1.  Serbia
  2.  Bulgaria
  3.  Macedonia
  4.  KS Kosovo
  5.  Croatia
  6.  Slovenia
  7.  Moldavia
  8.  Ukraine
  9.  Russia
  10.  Georgia
  11.  Armenia
  12.  Belarus
  13.  Slovakia
  14.  Hungary
  15.  Poland
  16.  Montenegro
  17.  Lithuania
  18.  Bosnia Herzegovina
  19. Holland
  20.  Luxemburg
  21.  Spain
  22.  Switzerland
  23. Portugal


18 – 20 years old


1.You can pick up your dog, and we'll graciously put you up in our guest room.

2. We deliver to all countries in the world that do not require quarantine.

3. We can meet halfway for an additional fee.

Transport is an additional cost and is the responsibility of the buyer.

For Europe: budget between 500 and 700 euros.

Outside Europe : between €1,500 and €2,000, depending on regulations and documentation required.

Whenever possible, we prefer to transport our puppies personally by air and deliver them to you in person.

If we need to use a specialist transport company, the cost will be communicated to you once we have received the company's quote.

All our puppies travel in IATA-compliant crates, are fed and watered during the journey and are kept in a temperate environment.

Our warranties

All our puppies are vaccinated, wormed, chipped and have a passport.

All our puppies are registered with the CKU and have a pedigree.

Parents are tested, you benefit from a 3-year health guarantee for recognised hereditary diseases and assistancethroughout the dog's life.

Puppies will leave at a minimum age of 15 weeks.

Despite the care we take in selecting adopters, life may force you to part with your dog.

In this case, we undertake to take your dog back from the kennel.

Before we can give you our approval, we need to study your application.

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