Protecting and preserving the Chinese dog breed

Chongqing dog to Chuandong hound

introduction in Europe

Happy owners of the Chongqing Dog, which resembles the Chuandong Hound but has a short bulldog-type muzzle, we travelled to the cradle of the breed, in the city of Chongqing, the world's largest city in China with a population of 32 million.

Despite everything you can read on the Internet, we wanted to shed some light on the mystery surrounding the Chongqing Dog and find out more.

We visited more than a dozen Chongqing Dog breeders and attended a Show organised by the CKU (Chinese Kennel Union), the equivalent of the FCI in Europe.

We're going to tell you why we switched from the Chongqing dog to the Chuandong Hound.

A different culture : 

This trip was very enriching on every level. In human terms, we were won over by the kindness and dedication of the Chinese people.
The culture was totally different from ours, so we had no trouble adapting and communicating.

Thank you new technologies ­čÖé

from chongqing dog to chuandong hound

Why the Chuandong Hound?

In Europe and on the Internet, there is increased propaganda to promote the Chongqing Dog.

The arguments put forward were the rarity of this breed, which escaped extinction in 1949.

The dog population was considered superfluous as it was inherited from capitalism.

During our journey, we found that the Chongqing Dog population was substantial. We even found some at the dog market.

In contrast, the Chuandong Hound was virtually impossible to find.
You have to travel thousands of miles in the mountains to find one.

We only found 2 official breeders, one of whom had very poor quality dogs. And unfortunately, this breeder is the Chuandong Hound conservation centre...Look for the mistake....

There are around 500 Chuandong Hounds in the world, of which only 30 have perfect characteristics.

These dogs are rare and precious in the eyes of the Chinese, and are difficult to sell to foreigners.

Unless you want a dog of poor quality, full of faults.

The Chinese are very tough negotiators, so the introduction of the Chuandong Hound in Europe is the fruit of a long period of negotiations and some wonderful encounters.

Looking back, we can consider ourselves very lucky to have managed to import a pure Chuandong Hound with incredible characteristics.

For its purity, rarity, sturdiness and allure, we have set our sights on this unusual breed of dog to make it known in Europe, by working closely with the CHI CHEN KENNEL.

The animal market in Chongqing City

Chi chen Kennel farm

Zhu Wen Wen is a passionate, conscientious breeder who respects his animals, whom he considers to be his children.

He is an active member of the China Chuandong Hound Conservation Center.

His dogs have won numerous awards at dog shows, including the highest accolade of Grand Champion of China, for La Tiao, Bock's father, and for Bock's brother too.

We have decided to work closely together to preserve the breed in Europe.

To achieve this, we work closely with Zhu to produce the best subjects in the world.

the Tiao Grans Chinese champion

Chongqing Dog VS Chuandong Hound

The story goes that the Chongqing Dog is very athletic, having been used for hunting in days gone by.

The story also goes that the Chongqing Dog is the rarest dog in the world and the purest in China.

Following lengthy discussions and a Sherlock Holmes-style investigation, we were able to realise that the reality was quite different, and I would even go so far as to say the complete opposite.

For us, these 2 dogs are the same, because we believe that at some point in its history, man mixed the Chuandong Hound with other breeds such as the Chow-Chow, the Sharpeï and the Bulldog.

It is also very difficult to find 100% pure Chuandong Hound, even in China.

Many breeders do not hesitate to mix the Chuandong Hound with the Chongqing Dog.

So watch out for hybrids! Even in Europe!

An adult Chuandong Hound, perfect and totally pure, is a priceless treasure in the eyes of the Chinese.

The Chuandong Hound is rarer and more precious than the giant pandas, also native to the Sichuan valley.

The Chongqing Dog is a stocky, powerful city dog with a short muzzle. Brachycephalic (short snout), which can pose problems in terms of breathing and longevity (10 to 12 years).

The Chuandong Hound, a mountain dog with a long muzzle, is stocky, powerful and taller than the Chongqing Dog.

Its elongated, terrier-like snout is a major asset for physical exertion and longevity (15 to over 20 years).

chongqing dog versus chuandong hound

In the foreground, Zya our Chongqing Dog and in the background, Bock our Chuandong Hound.

The difference in muzzle is striking, and it is here that we can quickly distinguish a Chongqing Dog from a Chuandong Hound.

Beware, this criterion alone is not enough. Hybrids have been introduced into Europe and the USA, so it is important to refer to the breed standard drawn up by the CKU.

For the reasons given above, but also because of the quality of the dogs and the European-style breeding conditions put in place by Zhu Wen Wen, we finally decided to adopt two Chuandong Hounds, capable of breathing properly during exercise and withstanding the heat.

Chuandong Hounds are robust, strong and powerful dogs with a lifespan of at least 18 to 20 years.



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